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Uvita Costa Rica

Uvita Costa Rica

Uvita Costa Rica is a pristine coastal town that remains unscathed by modern living and tourism. No direct roads lead to the narrow shore so you have to walk. Set against an impressive mountainous backdrop, Uvita Costa Rica boasts tall, verdant trees and thick mangrove swamps. This stunning region provides a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. The relaxed pace that permeates every aspect of Uvita Costa Rica is highlighted by gorgeous vistas of a nearby island. This small tropical paradise features all the standard attractions including cascading waterfalls, calm estuaries and warm white sands, but the entire scene seems to have a magical essence to it. Uvita Costa Rica is comprised of a lovely 2 mile stretch of shoreline and a modest town center that features a convenient grocery store, hardware shop and an internet café. Due to its strategic location, Uvita Costa Rica offers visitors the fantastic opportunity to observe an endless amount of colorful wildlife species. Come dip into the delightful village atmosphere and get lost in the Uvita Costa Rica panoramas of orange sunsets and clear blue waters.

Car Rental in Uvita Costa Rica

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Beach of Uvita Costa Rica

Uvita Beach in Costa Rica is a gorgeous white sand and crystal water beach. Uvita has been, until now, off the beaten path and therefore still has the charm of a remote getaway location. Beautiful estuaries and mangroves complete this paradise landscape.

Map of Uvita Costa Rica

Our office has designed a colorful enlargeable Uvita map to help you plan your journey. You can easily locate important attractions or nearby locations you want to visit and incorporate them into your own road trip itinerary. Feel free to contact our specialized advisors for local information and help with booking items online.


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