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San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica is the most populated of our seven provinces. The importance of this town is that it is our capitol where all the major companies and development lie. The majority of San Jose Costa Rica is blessed by a moderate climate where a sweater or light weight jacket and an umbrella are all you'll ever need for the protection from the elements. San Jose Costa Rica is quite interesting and staying there is an excellent way to get acquainted with history and culture. Despite the crowded streets it still has a surprising “small town” feel and offers a colorful insight into the life of the average Latin urban population. San Jose Costa Rica is the country's major transportation corridor and many journeys across the country usually involve passing through the capital. Some interesting things you will see in San Jose Costa Rica are the elegant buildings and landscaped parks. Good cafes and art galleries are located throughout the city. San Jose Costa Rica offers many places to eat, dance, and spend time socializing with other people.

Hotels in San Jose Costa Rica

Enjoy your getaway among the bustle of the city. Perks such as impeccable service, great meals and cozy quarters are attributes you will find in a San Jose hotel. On this page you can view rates, amenities, services, room descriptions and detailed pictures that reveal not only every room catagory, but the entire property.

Car Rental in San Jose Costa Rica

Seeking a transport alternative makes it to where you don't have to depend on set departure times or pick up locations? Let us help, we live here. San Jose Costa Rica car rental options can be confusing, so allow our experts to save you time and money. Not only do you get free advice but you can also enjoy big savings!

Day Tour Activities in San Jose Costa Rica

Just because you stay in the city does not mean there are less options on what to do in your free time. Browse our San Jose activities listing to find exciting things to do. Immerse yourself in cultural experiences, visit green areas, enjoy a little recreation. Our capitol holds many surprises, you just have to uncover them.

Airport in San Jose Costa Rica

Our San Jose International airport, located just 20 minutes by shuttle from downtown, hosts numerous airlines from across the globe. You will be close to everything. You can start sightseeing the moment you land. You can stay in the area or visit the metropolitan area of our capitol the same day you arrive.

Specials for San Jose Costa Rica

Get to know our historical metropolitan area while reaping the benefits of our terrific San Jose Special Offers. You can save money and still manage to see the sights in style. See what perks are available on this listing. Call our experienced agents today and learn how to make easy online reservations for your trip.

Map of San Jose Costa Rica

Our San Jose Costa Rica map displays an old, but beautiful province that is the capital of our country. This enlargeable map is clear and easy to understand. Use this info to plan a road trip and some sightseeing. Get a better idea of the important areas of this province and where the main points of interest are located.


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