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Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica is located in our spectacular Guanacaste province in close vicinity to the Nicaraguan border. This amazing wonder is currently passing through a period of relative calm. Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica boasts one of the five stunning volcanic mounts that make up the impressive local mountain range. The last serious eruption was in the year of 1983. Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica features a majestic volcanic peak as well as a lush national park. The difficult access makes it a challenge and helps retain its mystery for curious visitors. Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica boasts varied colors, interesting textures and enticing fragrances. You will easily fall in love with all the surprises this gorgeous region holds. Guests will find mystical lagoons, inviting hot springs and soothing mud baths. Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica also hosts a wide selection of beautiful mountain lodging options ideal for your next visit. Visiting Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica will leave you with a wonderful memory of Mother Nature. Do not wait another minute!

Hotels in Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

View this handy Rincon de la Vieja hotels listing we have featured on this page to find reputable establishments known for their excellent customer service, state of the art facilities and comfy accommodations. Look through amenities, rates, descriptions and photos; choose one and ask our agents to add it to your itinerary.

Car Rental in Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Acquiring a Rincon de la Vieja rental car will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery during your trip. You can cruise along and take pictures or stop at popular attractions that catch your eye. Browse through conditions, prices, availability dates, vehicle models, drop off points and more! Ask our operators for further assistance.

National Park of Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Rincon de la Vieja National Park mixes a little bit of magic into its volcanic hot springs and lagoons. Home to a large population of the national flower, the guaria morada orchid, this area is alive with vibrant colors. This extreme natural destination hosts scenic nature trails also protecting various hydrographic river basins.

Volcano of Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Rincon de la Vieja volcano has a history deeply rooted in legend and is still considered active. It measures in at 6,286 feet tall. Also considered an important geothermic energy source, guests can admire different habitats, altitudes and wildlife species. Visit mystical lagoons and wide craters that seem bigger than life.

Map of Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Our Rincon de la Vieja map will help you locate road connections, national landmarks, fun tourist sights and nearby shorelines. Trace a route you want to explore with the help of the enlargeable image on this handy online guide. Our offices are available if you need more details or information concerning the region.


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