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Puriscal Costa Rica

Puriscal Costa Rica

Puriscal Costa Rica was initially settled in 1815, once an indigenous zone, most of its indigenous residents migrated to other areas of the country. Formerly renowned for its bean harvests, Puriscal Costa Rica derives its name from this crop, purisco is a term referring to the time where the bean plant begins to blossom. Set in close proximity to the shorelines of our Pacific coast, Puriscal Costa Rica boasts a predominantly agricultural economy. Visitors will enjoy the spring-like weather year round, modern services and shops are available so you will always be able to find what you need. Puriscal Costa Rica offers you the chance to live in the country surrounded by friendly locals and clean air free from the pollutants of the city. Gorgeous panoramas, pleasant climates and fertile soils will highlight your lifestyle should you choose to stay permanently. Come visit Puriscal Costa Rica and find out why it is such a dreamy mountainous retreat. Discover a wealth of culture and history hidden among the lush backdrops. Puriscal Costa Rica is a fantastic choice to leave every day life behind, even if only for a little while.

Car Rental in Puriscal Costa Rica

Puriscal Costa Rica car rental options are available on this page. We have created a special page with all the important information you need to know to book a vehicle. View daily or weekly rates, add-on services, pick up points, drop off areas, latest models and more! Enjoy exploring at your own pace! We can show you how!

Map of Puriscal Costa Rica

Our job is to assure that your journey goes smoothly, part of that is getting to know the region you will be visiting. On this page you will find the Puriscal map that we have provided. The colorful enlargeable image will help you trace out a route to follow or plan a road trip where you can choose the pit stops you want to make.


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