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Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is a beautiful coastal town on the stunning Caribbean coast that holds many surprises. For those who like a more active and adventurous holiday Puerto Viejo Costa Rica has it all; long walks on the pale sand shores, experiencing exotic flora and fauna specimens at a gorgeous wildlife refuge, snorkeling or diving among colorful reefs, interesting cultural visits to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica indigenous reserves, world-class surfing, mountain biking and kayaking. In Puerto Viejo Costa Rica you can find screened wood cabins with shared baths and charming bungalows with private baths. Limon is a very laid back province and the multicultural traditions have indeed made quite a difference from any other areas. Some of the Puerto Viejo Costa Rica accommodations are very simple and some even offer cooking facilities and small refrigerators. Some of the Puerto Viejo Costa Rica restaurants are famous for their Caribbean style seafood and reggae music played on weekends, but you can also find amazing international cuisine in this area.

Hotels in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

View comfortable and affordable shoreside accommodations set within a tropical heaven. Look through great pictures, detailed descriptions, amenity lists, facility features, things to do in the area and more on these Puerto Viejo hotels listings. Fall in love with the warm and inviting atmosphere in this Caribbean paradise.

Car Rental in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Enjoy the freedom of planning where you want to go and when. Check for Puerto Viejo rental car rates, restrictions, pick up areas, extra services, conditions, latest models, drop off points and availability dates for your stay in this beautiful village; find all these important details and more on this informative page...

Day Tour Activities in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Though the town is laid back you can still find incredibly exciting things to do. Our Puerto Viejo activities listing offers you the chance to soar over verdant tree tops, tame frothy rapids, explore colorful underwater communities or gallop across the lush tropical landscape. Add a little fun to your day with the help of our agents.

Beach of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo Beach Costa Rica is the banner for the laid-back groovy Caribbean life style. Colorful and vibrant, Puerto Viejo Beach is perfect for many water sports and activities. Get caught up in the rhythm of the waves to enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

Specials for Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Explore this Caribbean haven and the wonders it holds for curious eyes. Talk to our seasoned consultants to get a custom itinerary made to your specifications. Take a look at this unique Puerto Viejo Special Offers listing, chock full of pleasant perks and lovely details that will greatly enhance your tropical experience.

Map of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Dance your way down toward the Caribbean coast for a trip you won't forget. This handy Puerto Viejo map will help you locate important tourist sights. You can enlarge the colorful image by clicking on it. This unique town has a flavor all its own, so come explore to your heart's content and uncover the wonders it holds.


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