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Playa Potrero Costa Rica

Playa Potrero Costa Rica

Playa Potrero Costa Rica is a stunning bay situated on the northern pacific coast of Guanacaste. With its crystal clear waters and lush backdrops, Playa Potrero Costa Rica is an inviting location for those looking to leave the hustle of city life behind. There are many different ways to enjoy the gorgeous hideaway that is Playa Potrero Costa Rica. Take a leisurely stroll, enjoy sunbathing or camp under the big blue sky. There is a small fishing community here and you can rent water transport at the Playa Potrero Costa Rica harbor. Perks such as friendly locals, fantastic break points and cozy accommodations, this region draws a large number of visitors each year, yet still remains uncrowded. Playa Potrero Costa Rica is beautifully accented with colorful horizons adorned with inspiring sunsets you won't want to miss! Come relax amid the endless sunshine, fresh ocean breezes and quiet atmosphere. Playa Potrero Costa Rica holds many surprises; all you have to do is come explore to uncover them! Indulge your senses and enjoy a peaceful state of mind. Book your getaway today!

Car Rental in Playa Potrero Costa Rica

Look through the numerous Playa Potrero Costa Rica car rental options that are listed on our handy online catalog. You are bound to find the perfect vehicle for your purposes. Whether you need space for one or space for six, our listings will give you the details you need. Book with our skilled operators online today!

Map of Playa Potrero Costa Rica

Come explore this stunning coastal region. This town holds many wonders for you to discover and we want to push you in the right direction. Enlarge our handy Playa Potrero map and use it as a little guide to tracing out the route you want to follow on your road trip. Locate nearby shores, tourist attractions or landmarks here!


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