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Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula Costa Rica is a horse head shaped landmass that lies on the southern part of the country. This unexplored and almost inaccessible region contains wondrous treasures. Legend has it that Sir Francis Drake buried a treasure on the coast of Drake Bay in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica. If what you seek is pristine rainforest teeming with monkeys, macaws and other mysterious creatures, then this is the place for you. There is a national park that covers about one third of Osa Peninsula Costa Rica. The primitive nature of the road system in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica has served as a bait to attract tourists interested in rustic experiences. Osa Peninsula Costa Rica encompasses lush primary rain forests and a complex system of freshwater and marine resources. The gorgeous peninsula is an impressive geological formation which developed independently from the rest of the country. If you are interested in finding an Osa Peninsula Costa Rica accommodation feel free to contact any of our well experienced advisors for better guidance.

Hotels in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

We want nothing but the best for our clients, that is why we have put together a useful list of lovely establishments featuring wonderful service. Browse through Osa Peninsula hotels and look through color photographs, detailed descriptions, comprehensive amenity lists, exciting things to do and other relevant features.

Day Tour Activities in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

This region is alive vibrant wildlife specimens and fauna species. Make the most of your time and explore the wonders of this area. Browse through our Osa Peninsula activities listing to find different options for all age groups, interests and experience level. You can contact our offices to make all your reservations online.

National Park of Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Corcovado National park boasts 101,925 acres of land and 10,334 acres of bodies of water. Visitors will discover 8 different habitats hosting a wide variety of wildlife specimens. Among exotic species and dreamy lagoons you will uncover tropical wonders of nature. Learn more about this terrific protected area and the fun it holds.

Map of Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Get a better look at this stunning region by enlarging the colorful Osa Peninsula map we have provided on this page. You can plan a roadtrip and a little sightseeing. Learn more about the area and be better prepared for what you will encounter. We guarantee you will enjoy your getaway. Contact our agents for more information.


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