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Mal Pais Costa Rica

Mal Pais Costa Rica

Mal Pais Costa Rica is a tranquil community only 2.5 miles from Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve on our Nicoya Peninsula. The village is spread along 2 mile stretch of road offering hotels, villas, surf camps, and restaurants. Mal Pais Costa Rica is known as one of the top surfing destinations in our country because of its un-crowded beaches and great swells. You can also relax under a tree or practice snorkeling among the reefs south of the breakpoints. Simply walk on the Mal Pais Costa Rica shore and enjoy the scenery created by volcanic rock formations in places. Mal Pais Costa Rica is a 5 hour drive from our capitol during the dry season, you can get here with a 2 wheel drive, but during the rainy season you will need a 4x4. Mal Pais Costa Rica is pretty much an untouched treasure, but real estate projects are in the works making it a great opportunity for anyone who wants to invest coastal developments. If you are looking for a calm atmosphere apart from the noisy more popular beach towns then Mal Pais Costa Rica should be on your list of places to visit.

Hotels in Mal Pais Costa Rica

If you love tropical destinations then you will adore each of these Mal Pais hotels. Each eastablishment offers outstanding customer service, tons of amenities and cozy accommodations. Look through detailed descriptions, price ranges, room categories, color photographs, things to do in the surrounding area and more!

Car Rental in Mal Pais Costa Rica

Cruise through the fairytale panoramas of this region with a Mal Pais car rental. On this page you will read about cancellation policies, current prices, fees, pick up and drop off points, vehicle models as well as other handy tidbits. Ask any one of our specialized operators about making online reservations today.

Day Tour Activities in Mal Pais Costa Rica

Even though this area has a laid back vibe, you can rest assured that you will discover numerous adrenaline pumping Mal Pais activities on our listing. Choose any number of recreations for any age, skill level or interest and add them to your personalized itinerary with the help of one of our specially trained agents.

Beach of Mal Pais Costa Rica

Mal Pais Beach in Costa Rica is a laid-back tranquil must see travel spot. The beach in Mal Pais hosts endless wild life easy to observe and take in. The many water activities make this a popular beach. Mal Pais welcomes the easy-going as well as the wildly active.

Specials for Mal Pais Costa Rica

We want you to get more for your money, enjoy the pleasant perks we have listed on this wonderful Mal Pais Special Offers page. Go through the different options available during your trip dates and choose the ones you like. Our bilingual operators can help you make any arrangements or additions to your itinerary.

Map of Mal Pais Costa Rica

Our convenient Mal Pais map shows the exact location of the beach, important tourist attractions, multiple nearby coastal towns and even road systems. This is a tranquil community well known for terrific surf and waves that break on its sandy shores. You are guaranteed to enjoy your relaxing stay in this tropical paradise.


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