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Costa Rica US Embassy

In Costa Rica, U S embassy services are quite many. Located in the city of Pavas in San Jose the American embassy in Costa Rica provides services for both Costa Rican and U.S citizens depending on the matter. For Costa Ricans they mostly provide visa services and for U.S citizens the will provide any necessary help regardless their status in the country: traveling or living abroad. The US Embassy in Costa Rica has the mission to serve and protect its citizens the best way possible. Some of the responsibilities of the American embassy, Costa Rica to the U.S citizens are

    • Help on the application for the renewal or expiration of passports.

    • Registration of citizens that are traveling, relocating or in case of an American child being born in Costa Rica. Reports births and deaths abroad of U.S citizens.

    • Voter registration for presidential elections.

    • Social security matters, veterans benefits, etc.

    • Provide tax forms for federal income.

    • Notaries services for U.S citizens.

    • Prisoner’s protection and documentation of the diseased, emergency services.

The United State embassy Costa Rica has the responsibility of serving and protecting its citizens while they are in the country, they also provide advice on what U.S citizens are not allow to do while staying abroad. Regarding this matter, we can mention that some of the forbidden actions are:

    • Perform services as a lawyer translator, interpreter, assistant, travel agents, investigators, law enforcement or real estate agents.

    • The U.S embassy cannot provide you or you relatives with physical protection.

    • Find you employment residency or schools.

    • Settle disputes with hotel managers, landlords and such.

    • Discuss Visa cases.

    • Arrange military obligations releases.

Also, if a loved one is traveling through Costa Rica or living abroad and you are concerned about the welfare of this U.S citizen, you can call the America Citizens Services Unit in the US embassy Costa Rica at (506) 519-2000, extension #2452; they will help find this person. In this case it is better is you have in hand any information about their travel or home here in Costa Rica: hotels where they are staying, destinations and a physical description of the person, this will make the process faster and more reliable. I f you need more information regarding the United State Embassy in Costa Rica and their services please contact them directly. At the United Stated embassy, Costa Rica you can find a lot of information on US services provided not only for legal matters but also democracy support, environmental issues, information about Costa Rica and US-Costa Rica relations, news or information about jobs or working abroad. To contact the U.S embassy Costa Rica go to US Embassy