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Costa Rica Museum
The Children
The Children's Museum

Costa Rica is in fact a very culture oriented country. People here a very well educated and do have a taste for arts and technology. For this reason, Costa Rica museums are many and hold an interesting variety in different subjects such as technology, natural science, gemology, biology, contemporary arts, history and even criminology. People from different areas of the country take advantage of these facilities everyday to fulfill the never ending desire of Costa Ricans to be knowledgeable in many different areas. Most of the museums are located in the Central Valley and mostly in downtown San Jose however, some of the Costa Rica nature museums are located in less urban areas.

Costa Rica boasts a wide selection of museums, due largely to its standards of high education and long history of peace and prosperity. Most of these museums can be found in the Central Valley (Valle Central), especially in and around the capital city of San José. Some of these include:

The Costa Rican Art Museum
The Costa Rican Art Museum

    • El Museo de los Niños (The Children's Museum): the building is a former city jail. People decided to make the best out of such the tragic history of the location and turn it into something useful for the future generations. This museum holds impressive hallways that honor the advances of technology over the years.

    • El Museo de Oro Pre-Colombino (The Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold): This is a wonderful place where you can enjoy pre-Columbian Gold crafted jewelry from the indigenous of the past in perfect and almost perfect conditions. The gallery preserves pieces thatdate from the 500’s BE.

    • El Museo de Jade Fidel Tristán (The Fidel Tristán Jade Museum): Located in the INS building by the Parque Morazan the Jade museum features an extense collection o preciously carved jade figures. All of this pieces belong the past indigenous regenerations are proves of the history of the pre-Columbian era. The name comes from its founder Fidel Tristan who was the first executive president of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) and advocated in favor of acquiring the archeological pieces.

    • El Museo Nacional De Costa Rica (The National Museum of Costa Rica): Built in 1917, the Cuartel the Bellavista (original name of the building) was the former headquarters of the abolished Costa Rica army. Now it has permanent and temporary expositions of the Costa Rica history and natural resources. The building still conserves the colonial decorations and it is a sanctuary for important historical pieces.

    • El Museo de Arte Costarricense (The Costa Rican Art Museum): This museum was created in 1977 and is located in the Parque Metropolitano La Sabana. On the inside you can behold magnificence of Costa Rica contemporary art pieces that include pictures and sculptures by the most talented artists in Costa Rica. This museum also holds conferences and special events in what is called the “Golden room” and provides seminars and workshops for plastic artists on regular basis.

    • El Museo de Ciencias Naturales La Salle (The La Salle Natural Sciences Museum): La Salle has taken seriously over the years the importance of natural science, this Costa Rica museum preserves a rich collection of biological links of nature and portraits interesting facts on the natural species of Costa Rica.

Being those the main museums, there smaller galleries that emphasize the importance of different areas of culture such as: the Criminology Museum, The Museum of Insects at The University of Costa Rica, the Entomology museum and a few serpentariums that show the endurances of the country on their specific areas. Visiting a museum in Costa Rica is an interesting a fulfilling activity, please contact our travel advisors for further information on the museums and galleries and their exhibitions.