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Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica Hotels

Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica Hotels

When you stay at a Puerto Jimenez hotel you can enjoy the life in the area. The town of Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica is a bustling coastal village where the feeling of local lifestyle cannot be missed. This town consists of several gravel streets, a soccer field, handy general stores, various inexpensive diners, plus several lively bars. We can offer Costa Rica travel tips that will surely make your vacation here run smoothly. If you want to experience new things, the staff at your hotel in Puerto Jimenez may offer you a very tasty mango margarita right in your hammock. Enjoy truly natural Costa Rica experiences that will satisfy all your senses. If you like the feel of a port town we also recommend you visit Limon Costa Rica; we have hotels and voyages to choose from there as well.

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Cabinas Jimenez

Puerto-jimenez Hotels

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