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Hotels in Limon Costa Rica

Hotels in Limon Costa Rica

By staying at a Limon hotel you will experience first hand a main Atlantic coastal city where their motto is: “Don’t worry, be happy.” Hotels in Limon allow you to be close to its beautiful architecture, so different from other parts of the country. Limon Costa Rica is the most culturally distinct of the seven provinces. Book a Costa Rica car rental and check out the central market where there is always action. Here the culture remains uncomplicated, so coming here helps you to escape from everyday stress. If you would like to keep this carefree feel but also want to see other parts of Costa Rica, we suggest you find a great hotel in the stunning town of Montezuma Costa Rica. Let our agents compile several alternatives and choose one that is right for you.

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Maribu Caribe

Limon Hotels

Small Limon hotel boasts scenic scenario overlooking the shore dotted with palm trees. Find african-style cabins at great rates perfect for couple getaways.

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