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Almonds and Corals Costa Rica

Almonds and Corals Hotel Costa Rica

Rooms and Rates

Notes about this Hotel:
- Costa Rican tax of 13.00% is included.
- Rates include daily breakfast.
- During all year-round there is a 2 night minimum stay required.

Hotel Description

Almonds and Corals Hotel Costa Rica

A married couple of nature lovers, one of them a scientist and doctor, the other an architectural major, devised the inspiring idea behind Almond and Corals; located right in the heart of Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Limon, our only province located on the Caribbean Coast. This refuge is a perfect place to explore and see diverse birds, mammals, fish and insects. The park protects regional wildlife and safeguards the only naturally occurring mangrove oyster beds on the Caribbean coastline. Experience Almond and Corals, a unique lodging in one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches a few miles south from the vibrant town of Puerto Viejo. Almond and Corals has an entire staff dedicated to going the extra mile to assure your satisfaction. Each employee is polite and kind, willing to tend to your every need.

Almonds and Corals Hotel Costa Rica

Almond and Corals Costa Rica is an exceptional nature lodge offering 24 comfortable tented rooms placed on platforms lifted up on stilts. All the bungalows boast a design that allows guests to savor the rainforest at its fullest; high grade mesh coverings let in diffused sunlight and refreshing breezes but keeps out irritating bugs. Each Almond and Corals tents lies beneath giant trees surrounded by sounds of crickets, frogs, howler monkeys, and sometimes rain pitter-patting upon leaves, creating a soothing lullaby of nature. All tents feature a private bathroom, hot water, mini-bar and one or two floor fans to keep the rooms cool when necessary. Available Almond and Corals facilities include a relaxing Jacuzzi and fine dining restaurant. Almond and Corals front desk is open from 7am to 7pm offering information, beach towels, booking services, brochures and more! The clerk here can help you with anything you need. Most installations are handicap accessible. Almond and Corals boasts a charming souvenir shop next to the lobby area, this quaint establishment sells local crafts, handmade jewelry, indigenous artifacts, t-shirts, key chains and other lovely knick knacks.

Many details such as torch-lit walkways, hanging orchids, rustic architectural design and proximity to golden shorelines, lend an air of fairytale enchantment to the environment at Almond and Corals. During your visit at Almond and Corals, explore indigenous villages in an amazing ecologically conscious atmosphere. Those in search of a relaxing getaway and escape from everyday life hassles will encounter paradise at Almond and Corals. Between ocean waves, rainforest foliage and exotic wildlife, Almond and Corals is a rare opportunity that combines tropical jungle settings with luxury accommodations. Savor an exquisite vacation with the Caribbean coastline at your front door providing gold sands, refreshing shade plus sweet tropical gusts, all this and more lies at your fingertips when you stay at Almond and Corals.


Location and Driving Directions

Almonds and Corals is located 15 miles (25 km) south from Cahuita National Park in the southern part of the Limon Province on the Caribbean Coast, in the heart of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. If you are driving to Manzanillo from San Jose, take the Braulio Carrillo Highway north of the city to the Atlantic Coast city of Limon. The trip takes about 2 ½ hours to Limon. The road through Braulio Carrillo National Park has recently been improved; however, there are still and enormous amount of huge potholes scarring the highway. It is common for the upper elevations of this road to be shrouded in clouds, particularly during the rainy season. The potholes, regularly limited visibility and the steep slope of this highway make this a treacherous road to traverse. We recommend that this trip be made during daylight hours.

Once you arrive in Limon, make a right at the first major intersection, there will be a Texaco station on the right. This road will take you to Talamanca where you will find Manzanillo. From this intersection stay on this road and follow the signs for Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. The road is in poor condition, covered with potholes and single lane bridges, so proceed with caution. It is about 48 miles (77 km) from Limon to Manzanillo. While a four wheel drive vehicle would certainly help, it is not absolutely necessary for the trip. Manzanillo is approximately 3 miles (6 km) from Puerto Viejo.

Almonds and Corals Hotel Costa Rica