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Group Packages in Costa Rica

Group Packages in Costa Rica

Any Group Package in Costa Rica is available to those who meet the requirements. To help you determine if you qualify for a group package to Costa Rica we have provided a check list of prerequisites. Please look over the list, and if you qualify our Group Coordinator will be only too pleased to plan and build a customized group package to fit your needs.

    1. Group Lodging– Discounts start at 10 rooms per night.
    2. Things To Do As A Group – This requires a minimum of 15 participants.
    3. Group airfare (International) – Minimum of 15 adults needed to price it.
    4. Group Transportation – A group package will require the use of a “Coaster Bus” which holds 22 passengers or a larger bus.
    5. Group Meals – 15 plates or more.

The items above are used to create your group package and to provide the best wholesale rate available. There are many things that go into the planning of a group event that customers never see. Our team is capable of producing group packages for any need you may have and you can rest assured that it will be built right! If your group meets the requisites outlined above then please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Maybe its time to plan that big family reunion! We have a Costa Rica family package that will make sure that everyone gets in one the fun. Visit any setting you like around the country, choose activities to do and book with us today! We know how popular luxurious leisure can be, so we invite you to grab the gang, your clubs and best game fame and browse for a Costa Rica golf package that will turn into a one in a lifetime experience.