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Grecia Costa Rica

Grecia Costa Rica

Grecia Costa Rica is a picturesque village known for being named one of the cleanest towns in all of Central America. This modest farming town lies northeast of our busy capitol. The stunning mountainous backdrop of Grecia Costa Rica is the perfect frame for the relaxed ambiance found here. This town boasts plenty of lush sceneries and has made a name for itself as an important agricultural center of our country. Grecia Costa Rica features a pleasant climate that is breezy and crisp. One must see attraction is a famous gothic metal church. There is much to do and see in Grecia Costa Rica, be sure to stop by the popular serpentarium to see some of nature’s most incredible wonders. Meet friendly locals, admire verdant plantations, visit the central park and get a taste of the local folklore, Grecia Costa Rica has so much to offer. Learn everything there is to know about this fantastic mountainous destination on this page! Spend your days surrounded by volcanic peaks, pinapple farms and local artisans, anything is possible in Grecia Costa Rica!

Car Rental in Grecia Costa Rica

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Map of Grecia Costa Rica

This dreamy location is highlighted by prime examples of Mother Nature. Among lush pastures, tall summits and curious wildlife, there is much to explore. Use our Grecia map as a guide to plan your own personal road trip. Work interesting historical landmarks and popular tourist attractions into your itinerary with our help.


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