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Golfito Costa Rica

Golfito Costa Rica

The gorgeous Golfito Costa Rica National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Osa Peninsula 210 miles from our metropolitan capitol. The spectacular refuge covers an extensive area of 6,943 acres, and serves to protect the wide variety of animals and plants that are part of the ecosystem. There is a path up to the highest part of the refuge where there is a breathtaking lookout point and lucky people can sometimes catch a glimpse of the unique Golfito Costa Rica flora and fauna. You can purchase electronics, household appliances and luxury goods at great prices here, as Golfito Costa Rica is a convenient duty-free port. Among the reasons that Golfito Costa Rica factors in as a popular destination we can appreciate its historic value and ideal setting for water sports. The vibrant cultural mix makes Golfito Costa Rica an eclectic place to visit or live. If you are interested in visiting Golfito Costa Rica and enjoying all the diverse activities and lush scenery it has to offer, contact us and our skilled agents will create a specialized itinerary tailored perfectly to your needs.

Hotels in Golfito Costa Rica

Each of the lovely establishments listed on this page offer great service and wonderful facilities. Golfito hotels have a magic all their own. Look through current rates, room descriptions, amenity lists, things to do in the area, find out how to get there and more inside this webpage. Our operators can help you book one today!

Car Rental in Golfito Costa Rica

When it comes to Golfito car rental options we provide you with all the information you need. Browse current rates, restrictions, drop off points and services, latest vehicle models, different agencies, cancellation policies and conditions on this page. Contact any one of our skilled agents for further assistance with online bookings.

National Park of Golfito Costa Rica

Golfito National Wildlife Refuge hosts spectacular panoramas. Open since 1986 and hosts over 146 aviary species. It covers 6,943 acres and is home to tall evergreen vegetation and exotic animals, including the 4 different types of Costa Rican monkeys. Visitors can walk on trails that lead throughout the lush rainforest.

Specials for Golfito Costa Rica

Our Golfito Special Offers are specially designed to help you get more bang for your buck. You can enjoy yourself to the fullest and still save money. There is no need to hold back! Just check the listings on this page to find something available during your trip dates and add it to your customized itinerary. It's simple!

Map of Golfito Costa Rica

Located to the south of our country you will find a duty-free sea port 210 miles from the busy capitol. Find your way around the town with this Golfito map. Enjoy the diverse surroundings it has to offer. Avoid getting lost and plan a successful road trip, we can show you how. Contact our operators today for more information.


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