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Costa Rica has maintained a low international profile for the longest time due to the tranquil political situation. However, if you want to make sure about safety issues while in the country, the best place to check is your governments current international travel warnings. Costa Rica is a very popular destination for vacationers because of its natural beauty, and hospitable “Ticos”. Being the stable and peaceful country that it is, there are rarely any travel warnings issued for Costa Rica. No major epidemics or health risks are in effect, so you can travel here without heavy concerns. Nevertheless, there are some aspects of the country’s geology, weather, and social issues that you may want to know about before choosing it as your next vacation getaway. This information is really just a heads up for people to keep in mind, but to the regular traveler, it should not be a deterrent from visiting this truly magical place.

Part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Costa Rica is affected by the Cocos Plate and the Caribbean Plate, which sometimes cause earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Keep in mind that these occurrences are fairly rare, and they seldom cause fatalities or even injuries. In fact, part of what attracts some visitors to this country, is the chance to see an active volcano from a safe distance. As far as the climate goes, heavy rains can sometimes cause floods, but again, these are very rarely a problem for international tourists. Contrary to popular belief, hurricanes are also extremely unusual. Socially and politically speaking, Costa Ricans have been lucky to have fair security. However, like in any other country, some topics are controversial, and the population has been known to hold peaceful protests. The methods usually used by these groups are either going on strike, or blocking streets and major bridges, in order to slow down the country’s commerce. These manifestations are normally resolved in a few days, with little or no violence. To a traveler, they can cause an inconvenience at most. Something else to watch out for is muggings in the seedy parts of the downtown area, but these can easily be avoided by steering clear of those places. Water is drinkable throughout the region, and the local food is not heavy or spicy, so you do not have to worry about an upset stomach.

Always be sure to check with your nearest Costa Rican embassy or consulate, if you are an American citizen, the warnings may differ than if you are from an European country, so check with your local State Department or government office to get up-to-the minute information before you travel. The travel agents at can also provide you with current information and tips on how to stay safe. In fact, if you have booked your vacation with us, WE will call YOU, and let you know of any situations that are occurring in the country, so you can decide what your next move will be. Contact us now and start planning your risk-free holiday!

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