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Student travel in groups has become a great way to get young adults to see the world in an educated environment for affordable prices, taking advantage of discounts, cheap group rates and more. Our travel agency services can assist you in arranging the ideal student travel experience in Costa Rica. Organizing an educational student trip is a great way for young people to get hands-on learning about other people and cultures. They can meet people of their same age group and compare and contrast the differences and similarities of their customs. The great thing about traveling to Costa Rica is that you get the added experience of learning about wildlife, different ecosystems, and geology. Students can see first-hand the efforts that are made to preserve the ecology and work in harmony with it. Exploring the countryís many beaches, tropical rainforests, and mangroves, groups will learn about flora and fauna they have probably never even heard of before. They will stand closer to a volcano s crater than they could ever have imagined. They can visit with native aboriginal tribes, and get a lecture from a tribal chief. If the class is learning about marine biology, they can be taken to see hundreds of sea turtles lay their eggs on a quiet beach One day they will be snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, and the next they will be flying across a canopy above a cloud forest. And letís not forget all the enriching things they can do in the capital city of San Jose like going to museums, libraries, and visiting national landmarks. All of these activities may be done with a knowledgeable guide that will teach the kids about Costa Ricaís idiosyncrasies, its plant and animal life, and its history. With so many things to do, students will get a once in a lifetime adventure they will never forget!

When you work with a VacationCity travel agent, they can create discount packages that are customized to suit your groupís needs and interests. Our full service travel agents can coordinate everything from hotels, to transportation, to day tours, all while working within your budget. An example of a great package for a group of students could be spending a day visiting some museums in the downtown area, as well as walking through the quaint artisan markets where they can get souvenirs cheaply and small trinkets to commemorate the trip. Days two and three can be dedicated to visiting Arenal Volcano where they might get to see eruptions of lava at night. Here they can also relax in the natural hot springs of the surrounding area. Days four, five, and six will be spent at a tropical beach which can be the base camp for spreading out and enjoying activities like jungle hikes, horseback riding, and bird watching. Day seven will find the group back in San Jose, maybe taking in a night at the theater. This is just one of many combinations of things you can do in this beautiful country (we recommend that you try to include a little bit of everything for a fuller, well-rounded experience).

As a suggestion, it is always good to have more than one adult in charge of a student group, or more, depending on the size of the class. Remember that when a chaperone is traveling with students under the age of eighteen, there are certain documents that will have to be presented upon arrival (namely, authorization from both parents of each child). Contact your nearest Costa Rica consulate before you travel, and double-check about all the documentation you will need. Our travel agents will also be glad to answer any questions you may have, and help you with all your booking needs. So what are you waiting for? Take your class on a fun, enlightening, and unforgettable trip!

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