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This section gives you full information on adventures and tours in Costa Rica. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast, interested in nature guides or searching the hot spots for surfers, browse this page for the best activities in this small Central American country! If you have selected Costa Rica as your next vacations spot, you have made a great choice! It is a beautiful country with unparalleled natural assets and warm, inviting people. Just like in any foreign country you go to, you should always be careful and alert, but if you do things right, everything should go off without a hitch. We know that your time off is important, so to make your trip a smooth one, just keep present the travel tips and information mentioned in this guide.

For citizens of the United States, Canada, and most European countries, visas are not a requirement; however, a passport is mandatory for everyone, including children. Make sure it does not expire within 6 months of your entry date to Costa Rica. Children need written authorization from both parents to enter the country. If either parent is deceased, other documentation may be needed, so contact the Costa Rican Consulate before you travel with kids. If you want to find out about health warnings in effect for Costa Rica at the time of your trip or to learn about required immunizations, consult your physician and/or your local government This information may vary from month to month, so try to stay updated. Water is drinkable in most areas of the country, but we suggest you buy the bottled kind, especially in areas near the coast. It is recommended to leave your valuables and travel documents in the safe box in your room at each hotel you stay. If there isn't a safe in the room, ask the clerk at the front desk to put your things in the hotel safe. Always carry a photocopy of your passport, in case you have to identify yourself. Do not carry around large amounts of cash, and keep in mind that major credit cards are accepted in most businesses. Also, ATMís can be found throughout most of the country, but if you canít find one, some banks will make cash transactions for you if you present your credit card and passport (banks are closed on weekends). Renting a car is a convenient option for some travelers; just have your driverís license and passport on hand, leave your car well locked with any thief tempting items hidden from view and donít forget your trusty map To ensure your personal safety, do not walk alone at night, especially in the city, and try to stay around places that are well lit and where there are other people. If an emergency should arise, get to the nearest service station or payphone and dial 911.

The best time to visit Costa Rica depends on the activities and budget you have planned. If you want to enjoy the dry season, especially in the Pacific side of the country, visit us between November and April. This is the high season, so rates will be more elevated. For lower prices, plan your vacation during the Green season, which goes from May through October. It will be rainy (dry spells are sometimes experienced during July and August), but if you like water activities like rafting, this is the perfect time to come, since the river levels rise. Also note that to visit the Atlantic beaches, the best month is October if you want sunny skies. No matter when you come, try to be prepared for unexpected weather changes. That means, pack a sweater and long pants just in case the temperature drops, and donít forget to bring a bathing suit, because there is the possibility that the sun will come out. Our site offers great deals and packages on tours, hotels, car rentals, and other services for anyone from a large group of students that want to study nature, to a newlywed couple looking for romance. We offer accommodations and tours throughout the entire country which have been reviewed by our very own staff members, and we are sure they will be to your satisfaction. Contact us with all your questions and booking needs, and we will make your getaway to paradise as pleasant as possible.

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