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Costa Rica is closer than ever through our online full service travel agency. Book your international flights, make hotel and car reservations and more with experienced bilingual travel agents you can contact on the phone, through email or on our site’s chat system. With the spread of internet, travel industry has certainly changed, and agents have evolved as well. VacationCity is at the crest of this new wave, giving you the best advice and service for traveling to Costa Rica, with knowledgeable travel agents who work from the comfort of the area they know best: home. Modern technology allows us to communicate with future travelers all around the world from our offices in San José, Costa Rica. We are your direct connection with hundreds of hotels, service providers and workers in many different areas of the travel industry. VacationCity’s travel advisors are all fully bilingual and have experience in different areas of the travel industry throughout Costa Rica as well as experience in arranging tour itineraries and full trips. In addition, any prospective employee at our company undergoes training that includes the use of our unique reservations system, knowledge of all our services and hotels and customer service. Familiarization trips are also part of the training process to accomplish our goal to have Travel Advisors who have visited every single hotel and sampled every service they’ll offer to you. Our travel agents don’t depend on commissions to make a living: that’s why you can be certain they’ll offer you the best hotel for your needs.

Why choose a travel agent to make your reservations online? Before the spread of internet use, arrangements were done through a travel agency in your hometown. You’d sit across the desk from, hopefully, an expert, who showed you brochures, pictures and told you about destinations or places to visit. They would arrange tickets and make reservations for hotels of their choice. Savvy travelers would pick up a travel guide and hope it was updated enough, and then would let the travel agent know where they wished to go. If you were lucky, you knew someone who had visited your destination and you would proceed to pick their brains, and if possible, do the tried and true method of duplicating their successful itinerary. Today, you can go online, check out flights and book them, look up hotels, read reviews, opinions, view pictures or streaming video on your destination You have access to hundreds of pages with information and opinions, and thousands of options on what to do on your trip. Our travel agents can make your life a lot easier by helping you sort out all the information you’ve found, make reservations and because they know Costa Rica, you’ll receive excellent recommendations as well.

What do you notice when you walk into a store? Most probably it isn’t just the merchandise. Most will admit to be drawn in by the decoration, cleanliness, lighting and rates. There are many factors a shopper can take into account when deciding to try out a service, but there is a vital component that will make someone return time and time again: great customer service. As a personal service travel agency, we want our customers to feel taken care of. Through every step of the reservation and booking process you’ll be in touch with caring employees: from the moment you begin your travel consultation with your Travel Advisor, to the confirmation process for your reservations, during your stay in the country and after you head back home. The best part? All this is at no extra cost to you. At we know that every part of the process matters, which is why we concentrate on hiring the right person for each job. All of our departments work together to give you the best service and make planning your trip to Costa Rica a satisfying experience. Give us a call or contact your personal travel advisor on the chat between 7am and 8pm CST every day of the week, or write us: your Costa Rican vacation starts here!

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