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Traveling internationally has been made easier thanks to our full service online travel agency located in Costa Rica. With a comprehensive site and bilingual travel agents, we can assist you when you make any vacation plans. VacationCity (our travel agency) was created with the goal of fulfilling the needs of travelers by delivering customized true personal service. Our trip advisors help with all travel arrangements starting from the planning stage up to the satisfied return back home: giving advice, making reservations, confirming every service with no extra charges. Once a prospective traveler decides to use our services, our commitment begins with our number one priority: being available for our client. Within or without the country, you would have immediate access to our qualified travel professionals seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can contact our travel agency staff through a Live Chat just by clicking on the chat icon on our website, without needing to download any software. You can also post on the forum to reach a travel agent as well as past visitors to Costa Rica or contact future travelers like yourself: ask questions, place comments and suggestions and network. Travel agents can be reached by e-mail through our online form or over the phone for quick, reliable and immediate answers to your questions. We work with a voice-over-IP system, which makes it possible for you to dial a US number and speak directly with us to Costa Rica. Our offices are open from 7a.m. to 10 p.m. CST, when our staff of travel advisors will give you a friendly voice and immediate attention to any needs you might have.

What makes a good travel agency? Ideally it should hire travel agents who know your destination as the palm of their hands, who are familiar with the lay of the land and the people who live there, speak the language and understand about cultural differences that may be experienced. A travel agent should be full of advice and information that adapts to your needs, not just a pre made generic recommendation list. That’s why is located in San José, Costa Rica and is manned by a knowledgeable and professional staff. As a response to the common complaint of fellow travelers that there was no full service booking agency that could help them with all aspects of their trip, Mitch and Peggy Chandler, two Texas natives who traveled extensively throughout Costa Rica for 10 years, decided to create, the biggest personal service travel agency in Latin America. After noticing that once a travel agency was paid for their services, they became very difficult to reach, making it virtually impossible to adjust travel plans from within the country. Based on their experience, knowledge of Costa Rica, and fellow travelers’ comments, they established a company committed to providing firsthand advice and information.

Let us know a little about yourself and your plans and we’ll assist you in making your dreams a reality. So whether you are looking for a thrilling adventure or just want to relax in peaceful harmony with nature, a fully bilingual advisory staff, all full-time, knowledgeable residents of Costa Rica can show you the very best our country has to offer. They will help you plan your dream vacation by answering any questions, giving advice and recommendations and bridging the language gap with service providers to make reservations and any later adjustments you wish to make to your customized vacation package They are travel experts who have spent time exploring the country to confirm the quality of Costa Rica’s services, making them able to recommend the best options for you. We offer tours to the most beautiful and interesting places in the country through all kinds of activities. Our travel consultants will keep you up to date on the country’s most fascinating tourist attractions and provide you with information you won’t find anywhere else. Travel with us to Costa Rica and discover the hassle free way to make the most of your vacation.

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