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* Prices are per way up to 4 passengers (additional pax $15.00)

Driving across the country, while exciting can also be a little daunting for first time visitors to Costa Rica. Most road signs are in Spanish, drivers tend to be aggressive, plus there is always a slight possibility that they could get lost even if they have a map. If you donít know your way around, it may take you longer to reach where you want to go and if you rent a car then you have the added task of remembering where your drop off point is! Sounds a little complicated for a newcomer, doesnít it? That is why the VacationCity team provides the easy option of choosing a private transfer that will take care of everything for you. Our transfer shuttle system can arrange to pick you up in a shuttle van upon arrival and transfer you to a secondary location. Take advantage of our private taxi system complete with professional chauffeurs with extensive driving experience. Why fret over the particulars of your shuttle transfer, if we will do it for you? Forget the hassles; allow us to take the stress out of your vacation planning!

Do you plan to travel in a group? Bring the whole gang along! We provide customer with a transport that is as efficient as it is reliable. Our agents will find the best equipped transfer taxi to fit your group size and we can help you choose the best destinations to visit during your stay. Pick a schedule that everyone can adjust to and pick out several different regions to see all in the same day. Whatever you want to do whether it involves fishing, surfing or other ways of getting in touch with nature, VacationCityís private transfer shuttles will allow you to minimize travel times between destinations. Enjoy the many perks that come with hiring a transfer taxi. You can move from point A to point B without a single hassle. Travel in comfort and style, the way you deserve to. If your group is visiting Costa Rica on business, take advantage of our event planners and get all the conference details settled before you even arrive!

Private shuttle transfers are a great option for those with special traveling needs. Our team of professional chauffeurs and fleet of pristine shuttle buses can cater to numerous clientele bases and needs. We have put together an incredible staff consisting of highly trained drivers and travel agents that provide offer the best customer service you could ask for. We abide by extremely high standards, putting our customersí satisfaction first in everything. Our goal is to always to offer our clients safe, efficient and comfortable service at the best prices available. So choose us and enjoy maximum availability, flexibility, convenience, comfort and the liberty to choose where you are going and when. You can see and do more when you have your own private taxi! We strive daily to improve the quality of your stay. Save money, time and stress when you book a private transfer with us; it is a cinch! VacationCity puts you first, put yourself in the hands of the most-trusted full-service private taxi transfer company.

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