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Using a private bus service as your means of transport during your Costa Rica vacation may be the smartest and most comfortable decision you make, as you head out with your group while making your own schedule all the way. Costa Rica attracts more tourists each year. Today big groups decide to travel to Costa Rica for different reasons. Many come here as part of a student exchange program or as part of conference groups. Regardless of the reason, traveling around the country with a big group requires much organization and planning. Renting cars for a big group could turn into an expensive nightmare,. In Costa Rica you can hire a private bus to take you on special trips, seating up to 45 people if necessary. You and your fellow travelers will feel secure and comfortable on any of these buses where an experienced driver will be more than happy to take you from one place to another. You will not have to worry about caravan driving with a large group all of you can travel in the same bus which will pick you up at your hotel or at a rendezvous point and will take you to the next place. These buses come equipped with air conditioning, tinted windows and deluxe comfortable seats. Some even have a restroom, TV and microphones in case there’s a guide traveling with you.

Hiring a private bus during your stay in Costa Rica will be a relieving option. You will experience first class transport through breath taking landscapes. Many people choose to travel in a private bus when they don't want to worry about driving in a foreign country where they are not familiar with its traffic laws or traffic flow. By hiring a private bus you will feel secure and comfortable when going to your next destination in a luxury vehicle. Many people like to read while traveling but in Costa Rica what you really have to do is keep your eyes wide open throughout your trip. You will see unique and exquisite panoramas everywhere and you won't want to miss anything Costa Rica has to offer. Remember to be prepared and have your camera handy whenever you travel!

Private buses in Costa Rica include large buses that can seat up to 45 people or a more compact 14 passenger mini bus. They all come equipped with air conditioning and are recent models. The comfort of traveling in any of these vehicles will make travel time into the perfect moment to rest and recover energy. Imagine that you are traveling from San Jose to Tamarindo. This is usually a 5 hour drive. Driving on your own or juggling bus fares and organizing groups into bus stops to follow set schedules that may be uncomfortable to follow is a nightmare. A private bus offers you the service to take you right from your hotel in San Jose to the hotel in Tamarindo where you set the departure times. Once you get to Tamarindo you will feel relaxed and ready to explore more of the beauties of Costa Rica.

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