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Costa Rica Luxury Car Rental

Costa Rica Luxury Car Rental

While you visit our country, you might like to get a little more freedom by acquiring a Costa Rica luxury vehicle. Many choose this service not only because it is relatively inexpensive, but also for the diversity of possibilities that driving yourself to you planned locations gives. All in all, it is definitely better to get around in style and that is why many companies like Alamo car rental think luxury car rentals are the option for you! It is much more fun to drive a nice big SUV and enjoy the comfort that such a car provides. Luxury car rental means the best car and services available. A luxury auto rental not only tackles the demanding roads with ease but has the ability to maintain comfort and pleasure no matter how short or long the ride is. You can even say that it will be easy to find a cheap luxury car rental among our companies, including Mapache car rental. Some of our luxury vehicles, mainly those from the Toyota Premium Line, now offer GPS navigation systems upon booking requests. This is just another way to ensure a safe ride. Savor the joy of driving with class while enjoying the liberty and comfort a luxury car provides.

Note: Once in Costa Rica non-embossed credit cards (i.e. visa electron) are not accepted to pay for insurance or to cover the deposit. Any credit card used MUST have sufficient funds to cover the deposit and insurance expenses. One-day rentals may incur in additional fees, please check with your travel agent.
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