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Car Rental Price Comparison

Car Rental Price Comparison

Here at, our main priority is to provide you with a great itinerary at no extra cost; for this reason we have created this interesting and very accurate car rental comparison chart. With this chart you can choose your Costa Rica rent a car wisely and figure out the best choice that suits your needs. Should you have any doubt or need further details about any of the car rentals and vehicles listed below, don’t think twice and call one of our experienced advisors. You will find different companies on our list including Mapache car rental. Our staff will be happy to assist you with anything you need. Check out prices, companies, insurance and types of cars and get the car rental you really need at the best price any time of the year; you can also check availability and capacity for a Budget car rental.

Note: Once in Costa Rica non-embossed credit cards (i.e. visa electron) are not accepted to pay for insurance or to cover the deposit. Any credit card used MUST have sufficient funds to cover the deposit and insurance expenses. One-day rentals may incur in additional fees, please check with your travel agent.
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Suzuki Swift

Alamo Car Rental

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