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Cahuita Costa Rica

Cahuita Costa Rica

Cahuita Costa Rica is a sleepy Caribbean beach village and the first major tourist destination you will reach heading south of Limon. Cahuita Costa Rica traces its roots to Afro-Caribbean fishermen and laborers who settled here in the mid-1800s, and today the population is still primarily English-speaking blacks whose culture and language set them apart from other regions. The boom going on nearby has in many ways passed Cahuita Costa Rica by. If you decide to visit this lovely area then you must visit the Cahuita Costa Rica National Park. This ecological area of 2,600 land acres and 55 marine acres is made up of different types of forest and swamps, and was declared a national park in 1970. Cahuita Costa Rica boasts sandy beaches lined with rainforest vegetation and coral reefs. The few dirt and gravel streets here are host to an unhurried parade of pedestrian traffic, parted occasionally by a bicycle, car, or bus. Discover the eclectic mix of colorful traditions, activities and lush sceneries in Cahuita Costa Rica. Come enjoy a truly unique experience.

Hotels in Cahuita Costa Rica

Step into a tropical paradise full of beautiful wildlife and vegetation. Let Cahuita Costa Rica woo you with its infinite charms. Come fall in love with the Caribbean. Browse the wonderful Cahuita hotels we have listed on this page. Check out location maps, colorful pictures, amenity lists even room rates!

Car Rental in Cahuita Costa Rica

With a rental car in Cahuita Costa Rica you can cruise around as well as enjoy the freedom to plan your own schedule. We suggest acquiring a 4x4 Cahuita car rental because the terrains can be rough. So take control and come explore this region, set out on your own to conquer the picturesque panoramas found here.

Day Tour Activities in Cahuita Costa Rica

Activities in Cahuita can include hikes, snorkeling, whitewater rafting, sailing, even kayaking. Experience the stylish flair of Cahuita culture. You will be astounded at the vibrant displays of tradition. Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and surrounding backdrops. We can show you the time of your life!

National Park of Cahuita Costa Rica

Postcard paradise can be found at Cahuita National Park. Experience the pallid sand beaches, coconut trees and tropical fish zipping through the coral reefs in transparent waters. We guarntee you will be inspired by all the displays of natural beauty. This stunning attraction is a must see on any getaway itinerary.

Beach of Cahuita Costa Rica

Cahuita Beach in Costa Rica is part of the South Caribbean where you can relax and enjoy your stay. Blessed with long stretches of tranquil beach, Cahuita Beach is home to rich wildlife and vegetation. Let our agents book you a trip so you can enjoy this paradise.

Map of Cahuita Costa Rica

Discover this Caribbean paradise with its exotic wildlife and white sandy beaches. Use this Cahuita Costa Rica map to plan your trip, pick tourist attractions or landmarks to see during your journey. You can enlarge our Cahuita Costa Rica area map to get a better idea of the topography. Read further information inside...


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