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Atenas Costa Rica

Atenas Costa Rica

Atenas Costa Rica is the 5th canton of our stunning Alajuela province, this lovely town is a true jewel among the different regions of our country. This area is adorned with fertile hills and abundant vegetation. Atenas Costa Rica sits a mere 2800ft above sea level, boasting a year round warm climate, this location is a fantastic place to enjoy tropical weather. Originally Atenas Costa Rica was inhabited by Huetar Indians who later moved on and other people from around the country relocated to this area. The panoramas here are adorned with lush valleys and majestic peaks. The first Atenas Costa Rica banana plantation was founded in 1924 and began an economy based on the production of this fruit. In later years the economy of Atenas Costa Rica remained agricultural but turned towards African palm. In our country there are only 2 cantons that are not subdivided into districts, Atenas Costa Rica is one of them.

Car Rental in Atenas Costa Rica

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Map of Atenas Costa Rica

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