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Costa Rica Turtle Activities

Costa Rica Turtle Activities

Tourists interested in traveling to our country and do some eco-tourism will find numerous possibilities to fulfill their need for nature. Costa Rica boasts incredible shorelines featuring wide varieties of sea life; admire exotic turtles, colorful fish, playful dolphins, even astonishing whales. One of nature’s most amazing spectacles is sea turtles nesting. Visitors have year round-opportunities to view turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs here since our country is known to house six of the eight world-wide turtle species in existence. Sea turtles are most frequently seen when females come ashore to deposit their eggs, usually done at night. This is one of the main reasons why you should seek knowledgeable guides to accompany you throughout the outing. This will ensure that this creature will successfully accomplish its task plus that you will have a front row view of it. Noise and bright lights can frighten turtles, causing them to return to sea; but don’t worry; your guide will show you the right way to approach this marvelous animal. See fantastic turtle watching activities below, select a location and embark in a lifetime experience!

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Camaronal Turtle Tour

Playa Carrillo Day Activities

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