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Costa Rica Rainforest Day Tours

Costa Rica Rainforest Day Tours

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Canopy Tour Congo Trail

Flamingo Day Activities

Zip-lines take you at full speed flying across the lush rainforest canopy. You will also cross over suspended bridges. Be sure to bring your camera along with y..

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Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Manuel Antonio Day Activities

Explore the scenic panoramas set inside this lovely national park. You will see gorgeous beaches meet breathtaking rainforest scenery. The natural habitats abou..

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Cloud Forest Reserve Guided Tour Monteverde

Monteverde Day Activities

Managed by the Tropical Science Center, the Monteverde Reserve is well known for it is diverse vegetation, which supports six life zones. The Reserve is more th..

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Ora River Kayaking

Samara Day Activities

Come enjoy a unique kayaking experience. Visitors will paddle along the aqueous corridors, allow them to carry you upstream through our lush tropical jungle. Al..

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Horseback Riding To A Jungle Waterfall

Tambor Day Activities

Come face to face with Mother Nature as you ride across our beautiful jungles, lush tropical valleys and gushing rivers. Visit a waterfall; take an invigorating..

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