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Butterflies, Insects, Snakes and Frog Research Center Day Activity
Butterflies, Insects, Snakes and Frog Research Center
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Veragua Rainforest Research & Adventure Park is Costa Rica´s newest tourist attraction. Located on a 1300-hectare (about 4000 acre) private reserve surrounded by 100% rainforest, the park is a buffer zone for La Amistad National Park (“Friendship National Park”), named so because it is shared between Costa Rica and Panama. This is a world-class sustainable development adventure park, whose mission is to provide our visitors with the best rainforest experience in the Caribbean part of Costa Rica. The naturalist guides will lead you through the live snake, frog and butterfly exhibits in an unparalleled interactive set-up, designed with the scientific expertise of the National Biodiversity Institute (INBio), a world renowned research and conservation organization. On your drive up to the mountains, you will pass through the small but very charming towns of Liverpool, Blanco, Quito, and Las Brisas, where you will be able to get a closer look at rural Caribbean life in Costa Rica. In less than one hour from Limon, you will find yourself completely immersed in the breathtaking and vibrant rainforest with amazing panoramic views. You will then enter our open-air gondola system that will take you on an enchanting ride through the canopy level of the rainforest. As you pass by giant 300-year old trees on the way down to the river bank, you will be surrounded by uninterrupted views of the virgin rainforest of the largest park in Central America, La Amistad National Park. Upon reaching the river, you will be able to disembark and enjoy a leisurely stroll though the Trail of the Giants alongside the Victoria River. This trail was so named due to the gigantic trees that line it, and have watched over the river for centuries. The expedition into the depths of the primary rainforest is capped off with a visit to the magnificent two tiered, 20-meter high Puma waterfall. Your adventure continues with a ride back through the rainforest canopy on your gondola Tram and until you reach the biological research station managed by the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio). Here you will be able to experience the operations of the dedicated researchers and may even be lucky enough to witness the discovery of new plant and animal species, since INBio discovers a new species almost every day! You will be able to recharge with tropical refreshments at the Rainforest Cafeteria while enjoying the astonishing views. Before you leave, souvenirs will be available so you can always remember and share your ultimate nature experience in direct contact with our 100% Rainforest.

Date/Season Town Adults Children
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Notes: Tour Includes: Reptile vivarium. ranarium. butterfly exhibit, research station. gondola through rainforest canopy (tram). Trail of the Giants. Puma Waterfall trail and lunch.

What to Bring: Light jacket, tennis shoes, hat and sunscreen lotion..

Country: Costa Rica
Town: San Jose
Duration: 10 hours
Difficulty: Moderated
Min. Passengers: 2
Starting at: 7 AM
Transportation: Included

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