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Day Tour Activities in Costa Rica

Day Tour Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Activity by Town

Try our fantastic Costa Rica Activity easy Search! Select the town you will be visiting, to see Costa Rica day tour options. A Costa Rica day tour will be the highlight of your journey, you will explore many different areas.

Horseback Riding

Picturesque horseback riding activities bring you closer to nature.


Canopy Activities

Enjoy canopy activities, bring your adventurous spirit, and soar freely over the ground below.

Whitewater Rafting

Enjoy intense rivers, prepare for the finest whitewater rafting day tour with thrilling level III, IV and V rapids.

Kayak Activities

Experience absolute adrenaline, whiz down frothy waters on kayak activities.

Kayak Activities

Mountain Biking

Challenging terrains unfold before you on a fun mountain biking excursion.

Mountain Biking Activity

ATV Day Tours

Explore impressive landscapes while on these exciting ATV day tours.

ATV Day Tours

Diving Activities

Diving activities are a terrific experience to enjoy while on your journey.

Diving Activities

Birding Activities

Learn about diverse aviary species, join our interesting birding activities.

Birding Activities

National Park Activities

Become part of National Park activities, stroll through lush protected areas rich with exotic fauna and flora specimens.

National Park Activities Waterfall Day Tours

Waterfall Day Tours

Take waterfall day tours; be amazed at the gorgeous sceneries our country offers. Come admire beautiful verdant sceneries.

Wildlife Excursions

We offer wildlife excursions giving you the opportunity to enjoy observing exuberant animal life interacting with their habitats.

Wildlife Excursions Snorkeling Excursions

Snorkeling Excursions

Try snorkeling excursions; explore rare areas of underwater scenery, you will be astounded by colorful marine creatures.

Canyoning & Rappelling

Satisfy your audacious personality with these canyoning & rappelling activities.

Volcano Day Tour

A volcano day tour allows you to visit natural wonders scattered across our lovely countryside.

Volcano Day Tour
Whales & Dolphins Activity

Whales & Dolphins

Observe whales and dolphins frolic among blue waters, putting on a show for you.

Sailing Activities

Sailing activities are ideal for leaving city bustle far behind or enjoying romantic evenings for two.

Sailing Activities
Hiking Activities

Hiking Activities

Sign up with friends for hiking activities, walk over different nature trails that run through jungles or tropical rainforests.

Boat Excursions

Ship out towards open sea on one of our boat excursions, come glide through peaceful streams.

Boat Excursions

Check out our Costa Rica Day Tour Activities

Tamarindo Sportfishing Tour - Costa Rica is well known for its world-class fishing activities


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